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Custom Orders

Kimono Harmony

The Process for Custom Orders

Step 1. - Communication

We start with our customer's requirements. Let’s start talking! We would like to find about your specific requirements. For example, what type of item are you looking for? What kind of design would you like? Any preferences on the color and material? Just let us know your thoughts and we’ll let you know what we can and cannot do.

Step 2. - Recommendations

Based on your requests, we will get back to you with some ideas and materials that we could use to complete your project. We will send you pictures and/or videos to give you a better idea. Sometimes, there may be a need to communicate back and forth until you approve our recommendations. Once you are happy with the idea, the design is finalized.

Step 3. - Payment

After obtaining your approval of the design, we will ask for the payment. We will always give you a quote during the process in Step 2 so there are no big surprises at the time of the payment. The final price will be determined based on the cost of materials, labor, shipment fees and any other expenses.

Step 4. - Creation

If necessary, we will purchase more materials for your project and then start creating! Once the item is created, we will contact you with pictures or a video to show you the end result. We truly hope you like it, but if not, we can give you a full refund at this time.

Step 5. - Delivery

We will provide you the tracking information to ensure that the precious item does not get lost. In a few days, you will receive your item. We hope that our creation not only meets your needs but also exceeds your expectations!


Custom Orders Form


How to Video

Customer Review


When I learned that I could ask for a custom-made laptop case and travel bag made with Japanese kimono and obi materials, I quickly placed an order. Leah sent me a video of her explaining the obi pattern and thickness of the fabric, which was supposed to make it easy for me to choose. In fact, all of them were stunning with gold thread patterns, making it hard for me to choose! Upon deciding on two materials, we discussed the size details too. The final product was beautiful and unique! The strong fabric is suitable for any practical use. The craftsmanship of USA-made Japanese work has exceeded my expectations - highly recommended! 

Michiko (IL, USA)

Return Policies

Although we accept returns and exchanges within 14 days of purchase for regular items, this is not the case for custom orders. Once we ship it out, we will not accept returns as the item was made solely for you. Your last chance to receive a full refund is at the time of receiving the pictures or a video before the shipment. Thank you for your understanding. 

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