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Our products

Our items are mostly made from 袋帯 (fukuro obi), which is a type of luxurious, silk belt that holds the kimono in place.

Obi is like a belt that holds the kimono in place. It's a long piece, typically made of silk or other luxurious fabrics. There are various types of obi with rules on when certain obis can be used. Fukuro obi is regarded as the most prestigious ranked type of obi for women, and should be coordinated with formal kimono, worn for formal occasions such as weddings, traditional events, graduations, or tea ceremonies. Fukuro obi is wider, longer, and luxurious compared to other types of obi.

The fukuro obi is characterized by its intricate and elaborate designs, often featuring embroidered patterns or metallic threads. It is worn by women for formal occasions such as weddings or tea ceremonies, and is usually paired with a matching kimono. Girls generally only wear it for the very special occasion of the year they turn seven years old.

When unmarried girls and women use the fukuro obi, it is wrapped around the waist several times and tied in a large decorative bow at the back. This is Leah and her older sister when Leah turned 7.

When married women or older women use the fukuro obi, it's set in a box-shaped manner. This is Yuka walking with Leah when she was graduating from pre-school.

When she was 3, Leah also had a celebratory event, but girls at that age only wear an informal belt and a vest over it to hide it. You cannot see anything obi-like in this picture of Leah.

Its size and complexity makes fukuro obi a beautiful piece for us to work with. They are all durable and symbolize the aesthetics of traditional Japanese fashion. We try to get the best types of obi, which often initially cost over thousands of dollars. We hope we can bring the best materials to the US and share its beauty with you!


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