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Hello from the Team

Glad you stopped by our website! はじめまして。(hajime mashite - Nice to meet you!)

We're a mother-daughter duo in California!

Yuka (Mom) & Leah

Yuka grew up in LA and moved to Tokyo after college, while Leah was raised in Tokyo until they moved to the Bay Area when she was 10 years old. Yuka's grandmother had a love for kimono; the mother-daughter duo now share the love for traditional Japanese designs and products!

It's heartbreaking to see how many beautiful artifacts are thrown away in Japan now. Unfortunately, younger generations don't know how to wear kimonos, so antique items passed down in the family are getting tossed out every day.

There must be ways to recycle, or rather, upcycle these precious items!

That's where we come in! We find unwanted garments and obi in great conditions, and transform them into modern pieces that people in the US can enjoy. Leah loves to sew.

note: Yuka can't sew at all! She's only responsible for the operations.

Leah creates beautiful, fashionable items that you can carry around. Take a look at her creations on our online shop! Thanks for checking us out!


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