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This is a luxurious placemat created from a fukuro obi for formal kimono. Use this to brighten up your room! 



Please note that we are recycling traditional pieces and therefore, there will be some imperfections. There is a bit of a traditional smell of an obi left. The smell is from traditional bug repellent that was used to keep away bugs from getting into the silk. This obi seemed to be used quite a bit in the past, and has some areas creases and the thread seems worn out in some places. However, you have to look closely to see it, so we would recommend placing vases / flowers on this placemat to brighten your room!

This was one of our first creations, and we had issues with the sewing machine, making the sewing a bit unclean. We are offering this with a substantial discount.

Decorative placemat

$60.00 Regular Price
$30.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

$20 off $260+

  • Approximate Size

    length 50 cm (19 1/2 inches)

    width 30cm (11 3/4 inches)

    depth 0

  • Material(s)

    very high quality fukuro obi used in the past for celebratory events with golden silk threads
    black material from the obi

  • Shipping and Returns

    Please check our policies in the shopping guide before you make a purchase.

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