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Use this cute crossbody item to put your cell phone in or as a dog treat bag!

Leah uses hers to put her pet dog's treats and food when she goes on walks.  


Please note that we are recycling traditional peices and therefore, there will be some imperfections. 
There is a small dark spot and in the middle top and a blue color on the flower on the left corner. We have provided a discount to account for this. 

Cellphone cross-body / Dog treat bag

$44.00 Regular Price
$36.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

$20 off $260+

  • Approximate Size

    length 18cm (7 inches)

    width 14cm (5 1/2 inches)

    depth 5cm (2 inches)

  • Material(s)

    OUTSIDE: cotton obi
    INSIDE: material from inside the obi (rough material to keep the shape of the obi -we believe it is hemp)   color: white
    This was a hanhaba obi, which is a belt used for casual kimono and yukata (a summer kimono made from contton). It features flowers and butterflies on red cotton. 

  • Shipping and Returns

    Please check our policies in the shopping guide before you make a purchase.

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