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This is a beautiful case with a zipper on top. It is a small case made with a 14-inch zipper. Take a look at what a 14- inch laptop would look like in the last picture. It's quite difficult to slide in a 14-inch laptop but a 13-inch laptop fits in fine. Please get this only if you are planning to use it for smaller laptops. 


*Important* There is no padding. However, the obi material is fairly thick, which will give your laptop some cushion.



Please note that we are recycling traditional pieces and therefore, there will be some imperfections. There is a bit of a traditional smell of an obi left. The smell is from traditional bug repellent that was used to keep away bugs from getting into the silk. There are a few places where the thread woven in may look a bit worn out, and some light creases from the obi being used in the past, but overall, we believe this obi was in very good condition.

Small laptop case / 13.5-inch case

Sales Tax Included

$20 off $260+

  • Approximate Size

    length 36cm (14 inches)

    width 26.5cm (10 3/8 inches)

    depth 0

  • Material(s)

    very high quality fukuro obi used in the past for celebratory events with golden silk threads
    silk material used for the obi (color: black)

  • Shipping and Returns

    Please check our policies in the shopping guide before you make a purchase.

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