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This is a shiny pen case made from fukuro obi, a luxurious belt for wearing a formal kimono.



Please note that we are recycling traditional pieces and therefore, there will be some imperfections. There are a few places where the thread woven in may look a bit worn out, and some light creases from the obi being used in the past, but overall, we believe this obi was in very good condition.

Small pen case

Sales Tax Included

$20 off $260+

  • Approximate Size

    length 20.5cm (8 inches)

    width 6.5cm (2 1/2 inches)

    depth 0

  • Material(s)

    very high quality fukuro obi used in the past for celebratory events with shiny greenish, goldish silk threads, creating a flower pattern

    The design is called tsuji-ga-hana, which is still popular today and requires a skillful professional to create.
    silk material used for the obi (color: red)

  • Shipping and Returns

    Please check our policies in the shopping guide before you make a purchase.

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