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This is a sunglasses / glasses case that you can take with you everywhere you go!

The third picture shows what it would look like with reading glasses. Most glasses will go all the way in the case. We haven't pushed it in fully for picture purposes.


Please note that we are recycling traditional peices and therefore, there will be some imperfections. 
Although the obi we used is in great condition, we had issues with the sewing machine this day. The sewing did not turn out to be as clean as our other products so we are providing a discount for it. 

Sunglasses case

$44.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

$20 off $260+

  • Approximate Size

    length 15cm (6 inches)

    width 10cm (4 inches)

    depth 0

  • Material(s)

    OUTSIDE: polyester obi
    INSIDE: polyester  color: black
    This was a heko obi, which is a belt used for casual yukata (a summer kimono made from cotton). It features flowers. 

  • Shipping and Returns

    Please check our policies in the shopping guide before you make a purchase.

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